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Fabulous Fabio

Fabio has been a member of our family since 2015. He came to us with years of therapeutic riding experience and has helped countless riders in our program learn to ride and to trust. Fabio is always calm and patient. He is a big strong boy who loves everyone. He is thought to have been born around 1995 but he doesn’t share his exact age with anyone.


Tosca, born in 2006, is a Quarter Horse mare who has been with us since 2016. She is quickly learning her job. She doesn’t always understand what you want but once she does, you can see and feel her relax. She tries very hard to please and just loves all of the attention her riders give her.



Beau was born in 2002, and came to MTC in November of 2021. He is a bay Quarter Horse, and based on how quickly he learns new things, we think that he has had many jobs before he got here. His intuitive nature helped him to understand almost immediately what our riders need of him.


Mariah is part of the Miracle family because her owner, Laura Ernest, thought that her intelligence, patience and calm demeanor would make her the great therapy horse that she has become. Her owner has since moved away, but recognized that Mariah is very happy in her job so has generously trusted us with her care and allowed her to stay here and remain a member of our team here at Miracles.


Sammy is a Belgian Draft horse. We don't know much about her background other than she was rescued from an slaughter auction in 2017. We estimate her age between 11 and 14. We are all drawn by her intelligence, patience, and sweet nature. Sammy is a very gentle giant who will follow people she trusts forever. We are currently working on refining her training so that she can become a valued member of our herd as a lead line or an independent horse.   




Clarice is a 6 year old POA (Pony of America).  She is a little ball of wonder and caring. She is very gentle and has spent most of her life involved with therapeutic riding.  As such, nothing much fazes her (other than splashing ducks).  She is owned by Peggy James who moved to M&M recently. Peggy wants Clarice to have a job and be happy. Clarice was named after a character in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which is just a perfect name for this gem who was born at Christmas time.

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