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When I tell Katie we are going to horse therapy, she smiles. When she sees her volunteers, she beams with joy in her heart. When she gets on her horse, she tries her hardest to get her body to do what it is supposed to do. When she sees her friends, she has confidence. When the horse begins to trot, she giggles. When she tells others that she rides a horse, she is so proud of herself.

Horse therapy is pure joy to a child with special needs. thanks for all you are very grateful.

 Jennifer, Katie, Amy and WadE

My son has been riding at MTRC for a little over three years. He has autism and even though he had been through over three years of weekly occupational therapy, he was still behind his level in gross and fine motor skills. Within the first few months of riding, it was obvious that his coordination, strength, and balance had improved.

But the wonderful thing is that Chris, her staff, and the it horses make it so fun for the kids that they don't know they are "working" to improve their skills they are just having fun!


In addition to physical improvements in my son, working with the staff and the horses has also raised his self -esteem and self-confidence. That confidence shows through in all other parts of his life, including school. I have seen Chris, and her staff work with many children that have a wide range of abilities and needs and they are all able to assess each child and determine the best very gentle horse, and seem to know what each child needs.


I would highly recommend MTRC to approach for them. The horses are awesome but especially to the parents of children with special needs.


My daughter has been riding at MTRC since before it began. Chris and her staff believe in my daughter and that makes all the difference to the riders and their families.

I cannot praise this program enough!!!!

My daughter has a chromosome abnormality and spinal bifida occulta. Both have cause very low muscle tone throughout her body and very poor balance.


The horses are magical for her. When she: walking with one, you could never tell she can't even walk across a street without assistance. She leads the horses independently!


When on horseback, she sits up straight. Her attention span has improved, and she has gained problem-solving skills. The rapport that Chris and her staff have with the students is fantastic. You can tell they know how important the horses are to their student's lives. Anyone who is even remotely considering riding for their child (with special needs or not) should take a look at MTRC.

I will never take my child anywhere else.



Having spent the last 3 years volunteering at a horse rescue and another therapeutic riding facility, I knew that I wanted to find another horse-related volunteer position when I moved to CO from WA. A friend suggested that I drop by one Saturday morning and met Chris and watched a class at Miracles to see if it would be a good fit.

If a barn can be called "warm and fuzzy," then the barn where Miracles holds its classes is warm and fuzzy. but what that really means is that it's the people at Miracles and the horses themselves that make the barn feel that way. family-oriented place where staff and volunteers are greeted with hugs by students and readily return them.

It is absolutely huge because it’s impossible not to become attached to these wonderful kids and their parents.  The horses are we use gentle and patient as the staff members are kind and warm.

The classes are very small, allowing for plenty of one-on- one time between student and instructor and student and volunteers.

Miracles is a place run by people who embrace all of the students and celebrate each student's individuality, and they truly value their volunteers. Chris and her staff build connections with their students and there is no doubt that every single student that passes down the barn aisle and into the arena is near and dear to the big, warm Miracles heart.


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